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Yesika Guevara


Bilingual Outreach and Media Liaison



As a young, urban Gen-Xer, Yesika Guevara has her finger on the pulse of today’s young people, particularly Denver’s Latino community.

Guevara, who speaks fluent Spanish, handles TradeWinds’ bilingual grassroots community and media outreach strategies.

She is skilled at getting our clients the coverage and exposure they need with Denver’s Latino publications and broadcast media, civic organizations, and churches.

She is also the agency’s foot soldier with regard to those all-important hands-on, face-to-face strategies that practically guarantee the success of our client’s campaigns and was instrumental in our efforts to reach Latino audiences during a recent campaign with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Denver Public Schools and the Denver Preschool Program. She has credibility in Denver’s Latino communities and easily establishes trust with this particular audience, crucial to sharing and gathering information needed for our outreach efforts.

Before joining the TradeWinds team, Guevara honed her skills with United Parcel Service, Community West Mortgage, InterCapital Mortgage Corporation, Goodwill Industries of Denver, and MUDISA El Salvador.



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